The Misadventure of Karlito


I'm a unique individual that loves to think outside of the box. On a quest to live life and find what makes me ME!!
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All time Favorite Scene. Katara vs, Hama

No matter what kind of day you have, remember to count your blessings.

Jhené Aiko 3:16am

Model: Tarla

Model: Tarla

Updates to the website check it out. Cover model: @keatsko #website #freelance #hairstylist

Updates to the website check it out. Cover model: @keatsko #website #freelance #hairstylist

Wow over 1k notes in a day. Thank you everyone !! Much appreciated

—And it’s still going up :-)


Beautiful example of the wonders of Dominican spanish. Loosely translated as a doubtful “supposedly.” Derived from the contraption of “dice que” often used with a sarcastic undertone, but not always necessary. Can be used in Spanish and Spanglish

"Dique she was going on a diet…Dique"

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Burkinabé model GEORGIE BADIEL

Photos by Fernando Ivarra

One of the sweetest and kindest models I have ever worked with !!. An awesome experience

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Legendary 1960’s model Veruschka von Lehndorff

Decided to go out jogging. #jogging #fitness #random

Decided to go out jogging. #jogging #fitness #random

mikkeld asked: It's Versace F/W 2015...

Take it up with thefashionisto they’re the ones that put 2014 …..

Black friends (or of African descent) of my


Dominican: Negro? *looking around the room* my skin is brown.

Puerto Rican: I might be black, but that was a long time ago.

Afro-Cuban: Soy orgullo. Africano en la corazón!

Black American: *Eye rolls* I wish Dominicans would stop fucking denying that they’re black.

Nigerian: The blacks of…